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How has the CIPS qualification helped in your current role? (Eg. Understand the requirements of the role, know the terminology/techniques used, settle in quickly etc.)

The CIPS qualification has helped me build a better picture of the wider procurement environment spanning across multiple markets. CIPS helps me to structure my approach to everyday procurement, supporting the employment of various different purchasing techniques to meet the specific requirements of any given situation.

How has the CIPS qualification enhanced your career? (Eg. Helped you achieve that promotion, given you confidence in meetings/situations, helped you change career direction)

CIPS has helped open new doors for me. It has enhanced my existing skillset and has allowed me to build on my existing confidence levels when entering high profile negotiations. Prior to embarking on the CIPS qualification my work experience to date was all self-taught, so CIPS has helped me to formalise this by teaching me to compartmentalise various elements of my day to day work.

By doing this it enables me to focus on a more structured approach to procurement, which ultimately makes progress easier to achieve and has helped me to modernise the purchasing function at BAKO, although there is still much more work to do!

Having the CIPS qualification has undoubtedly increased my career prospects, with many more prospective employers today looking for candidates with a formal qualification in the purchasing discipline.

How has the training benefited your organisation? (improved moral, motivation of staff, staff feel valued, retention of staff, more flexibility, increased levels of skills, perhaps more ideas/problem solving?)

Having completed the CIPS qualification has brought a tangible benefit to my organisation. Society and indeed commerce as a whole has made significant progress towards modernisation in recent years, and as a consequence both buyers and sales personnel are more savvy today than they have ever been. As a result, it is vital that businesses employ modern tactics when undertaking procurement activities in order to achieve the absolute best terms possible whilst extracting maximum value from any individual transaction.

Fortunately, I have been able to utilise my skills to successfully negotiate many deals that have all brought a measurable and enhanced benefit to BAKO. It’s safe to say that the investment the company has made in my CIPS training has already paid them back many times over.


Can you describe a case where your CIPS skills and knowledge has contributed to the success of your organisation? (eg. Cost savings, increased efficiencies, improved relationships, innovation etc)

When I joined BAKO four years ago, the approach to purchasing was quite outdated. As such, we missed many opportunities to maximise the potential of our trading activity across a large portfolio of suppliers.

By applying CIPS theory and models, I was able to identify a number of key suppliers, and by utilising various supplier management techniques I was able to strategically manage our interactions and re-negotiate our trading terms. This led to better practises for both BAKO and its supplier base, and has allowed both parties to harness greater efficiencies that extend deeper into our respective organisations.


How do you feel about your experience studying with SR Supply Chain Consultants? (Eg. Customer service and support, keeping you up to date with the latest procurement updates, CIPS update, ease of booking, exam technique and revision tools and packs, supportive tutors)

SR Supply Chain Consultants are great! They are so much more than just a training organisation. From the initial contact, all the way through to sitting your final exams, SR Supply Chain Consultants make you feel as though you have a real identity.

The course delivery is often tailored to meet the needs of both the individual and the group, and supports the broad and varied learning needs of all students. The learning environment has always felt deeply engaging, and the support doesn’t end when you leave the classroom. From the tutors to the support staff behind the scenes, the entire team at SR Supply Chain Consultants have contributed to my success.


Would you recommend SR Supply Chain Consultants to a friend or colleague?

I’ve been fortunate enough to watch SR Supply Chain grow and develop over the past few years and it’s clear to me that the company’s leadership has a winning strategy. If you want to learn in an environment that is focused on not only your success, but on providing a unique and positive overall experience throughout your entire journey, then SR Supply Chain Consultants is the place to go. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to undertake my CIPS qualification with SR, and highly recommend others considering embarking on the CIPS qualification to do the same. Why not go along and try them out at one of their CIPS taster days?


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Staff Member

Jen Shepherd

Admin and Customer Service Manager

Jenn completed her Apprenticeship in Business and Administration in 2008 and has since built upon a foundation of knowledge and skills in the administration and customer support areas.

Jenn has a degree, as well as a master’s degree, in English which have helped support her commitment to compliance and attention to detail.

Since returning to work from maternity leave in 2020, Jenn has worked in education settings and has an in-depth knowledge on Safeguarding and Child Protection, which she believes is a key part of all employees’ role when working with learners.

Outside of work, Jenn lives with her husband and two young daughters. She had her first book published in 2022 and advocates for the mental wellbeing of new parents.

michelle whalley

Michelle Whalley

Course Progress Mentor

Michelle graduated from Liverpool John Moore’s University in 2003 with a BA(HONs) in Physical Education, Sport, Dance and English, with Qualified Teacher Status. Michelle now holds 20 years’ experience of working in education. Her experience to date is hugely diverse, with a love for learning and striving for excellence across all areas of her life developed from when she was a young girl, representing her country at Athletics. It was from this platform Michelle developed a disciplined approach to every tasks set of her. During her time in teaching, she has taught a wide range of subjects, been a pastoral leader, and led ITT programmes.

Michelle prides herself on her ability to get the best possible outcomes out of people. This has been proven not only in the time she’s spent in education, but also in the set up and running of her own business.

Working in a fast-paced environment, especially becoming a Head of Year as well as teaching has consistently challenged her and ensured she’s flexible and adaptable

Lucy Eckersley

Lucy Eckersley

Administration Assistant

After recently graduating university and achieving a first-class degree in Drama, Lucy wanted to apply her production management experience to an administration role in business. Having worked part time jobs as a waitress and office receptionist during her education, Lucy has good customer service skills and enjoys helping customers and clients by addressing their queries. Lucy is excited to be working at SRSCC and is keen to use her process driven way of working to increase the effectiveness of SRSCC’s administrative processes. In her free time, Lucy enjoys watching musicals and running. She also enjoys spending time outdoors, and loves going hiking from her caravan in the Yorkshire Dales.
Tom Himsworth

Tom Himsworth

Administrative Assistant

Tom graduated from Edgehill University in 2015 with a degree in Creative Writing. After Tom’s journey through university, he worked extensively within the Healthcare sector in mostly administrative roles. It was here that he found his natural organized and observant manner was best suited as it allowed him to understand how each work environment operated, and where processes, customer service and communication could be improved for the benefit of everyone. Throughout his working life, Tom has gained experience with varying mental health conditions and is passionate about advocating the importance of mental health support and well-being. He is currently looking into various volunteer schemes to help champion mental health awareness. Along with this, Tom is an avid writer and is usually working on a story or two and is passionate about learning more about all forms of creative media.
Estelle Marsden

Estelle Marsden

Customer Support Coordinator

Estelle has completed apprenticeships in both Business Administration and Customer service. Her first Role after leaving school was a receptionist at a Podiatrist and that is where she found her passion for helping people and providing positive customer experiences. After 4 years she then moved into retail where her skills progressed further. Estelle has several years’ experience in a customer facing environment, which has led her to the role of Customer Support Coordinator here at SRSCC. Estelle is hoping to expand her expertise further and progress with SRSCC. Other than her passion for Customer Service. Estelle enjoys walking, Hiking, and exploring in her free time. She also enjoys going to the theatre and watching true crime. Estelle likes to spend most of her time with family and friends.

Emma Jackson

Course Progress Mentor

Emma joined SRSCC in 2019 on a freelance basis taking on a teaching and learning consultancy role. She has 20 years of experience in education as a qualified teacher, working in adult learning, secondary and primary school settings in the UK as well as abroad, namely Japan, Hungary, and France. 

More recently Emma has been teaching yoga, resilience, and mindfulness in primary schools to promote the physical and mental well-being of both pupils and staff.

Being multi-lingual and having a zeal for communication, cultural exchange and life-long learning Emma jumped at the opportunity to join the company as a Course Mentor. Building a good rapport with her learners, supporting them to overcome any challenges on their apprentice journey and facilitating them to fulfil their potential is her motivation.

Cumbrian born and bred in the Lake District, Emma enjoys the outdoors. When not relaxing in tree pose, she is most at home trail running in the hills with her husband and dog. Having clocked up 4 marathons to date, the application of her long-distance running mindset of perseverance, determination, discipline and patience is key to supporting her learners in their studies.

SRSCC Staff Images Ashlee Scribbins

Ashlee Scribbins

Office Administrator

Ashlee has joined the SRSCC team as an Office Administrator, and with a level 2 and 3 in Business Administration, she fits right in!

Ashlee has a wide range of experience from working as a Legal Secretary for the Royal Air Force to managing a team. Ashlee is eager to use her customer service and business administration skills for her new role at SRSCC.

SRSCC Staff Images Declan Hemingway

Declan Hemingway

Business Development Account Manager


Declan recently graduated University studying BSc Business and Management with Marketing achieving a 2:1 and was looking for a role in Business Development to put his knowledge and education to the test.

He has a strong desire to grow the SRSCC brand and customer base. Working alongside our Business Development and Relationship Manager; he looks to strengthen both our Commercial and Apprenticeship learner portfolio by liaising with potential and existing learners through building customer relationships and understanding their requirements.