CIPS Level 4

Diploma in Procurement and Supply

91% Pass rate on CIPS Diploma

CIPS Level 4 Course Overview

The CIPS Level 4 Diploma in Procurement and Supply qualification aims to give individuals some insight into best practices, learn to make effective use of information and develop their decision making skills and improve efficiency and effectiveness. This is the highest CIPS Level you can start at when working towards MCIPS status.

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CIPS Level 4 Course Information

Consists of eight compulsory units:

• L4M1 Scope and Influence of Procurement and Supply
• L4M2 Defining Business Need
• L4M3 Commercial Contracting
• L4M4 Ethical and Responsible Sourcing
• L4M5 Commercial Negotiation
• L4M6 Supply Relationships
• L4M7 Whole Life Asset Management
• L4M8 Procurement and Supply in Practice

CIPS Level 4 is for buyers who are looking to progress into management, and those with previous qualifications and experience. This is the highest level you can start the CIPS qualifications at.

Typical job titles of those who start at this level are:

• Buyer
• Procurement/purchasing executive
• Procurement Specialist
• Contract officer
• Supply chain/inventory/logistics analyst
• Supply chain/inventory/logistics planner

First year degree or HNC, NVQ level 4 (UK)
SAQA NQF level 6 (SA), NZQA level 5 (NZ)
AQF diploma (VET/AUS) TQF level 4 (TEVETA)

Successful completion of CIPS Level 3 Advanced Certificate OR CIPS Level 3 Certificate in Procurement and supply operations . Alternatively, 2 years relevant work experience OR two A-level qualifications (or International equivalent). If you are unsure whether or not you would be able to start at this level please call for a chat or email

The core skills learnt at this level are the provision of advice and guidance to key stakeholders on the performance of organisational procedures and processes in purchasing and supply. This CIPS Level 4 Diploma in Procurement and Supply is a valuable management tool focused on:

• Planning and forecasting for future demand
• Forward planning and contract development
• Negotiation volumes
• Margins and standards
• Creating and controlling specifications
• Contract management

It also covers the supply market chain:

• Negotiating with suppliers
• Conflict resolution
• Performance review

Each 12 credit unit is assessed through a 3-hour computer based exam consisting of essay style questions. Each 6 credit unit is assessed through a 1.5- hour computer based exam consisting of drag and drop, multiple choice and drop down list style questions.

Available Learning Options


Face to face across the 9 study centres


Delivered at organisation (minimum numbers apply)

Virtual Classroom

Live video link direct to classroom

CIPS Level 4 Distance Learning

Interactive learning environment with pre-recorded videos, course material, mock test etc.

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CIPS Level 4 FAQs

A step up from L3 Advanced Certificate, the L4 Diploma is a stepping stone up to study L4 Diploma in Procurement and Supply.

The Level 4 Procurement and Supply course is aimed at those already working in the industry with some knowledge or those that have achieved the CIPS L3 Advanced Certificate and are looking to progress further into the Supply and Procurement profession.

At the end of this course, learners will possess transferable workplace skills, developing operational and tactical abilities which allows them to go take on more responsibilities.

  • L4M1 Scope and Influence of Procurement and Supply
  • L4M2 Defining Business Needs
  • L4M3 Commercial Contracting
  • L4M4 Ethical and Responsible Sourcing
  • L4M5 Commercial Negotiation
  • L4M6 Supplier Relationships
  • L4M7 Whole Life Asset Management
  • L4M8 Level 4 Procurement and Supply in Practice

Each of our CIPS courses entails structured learning and additional support for those who need it. Our mentors will provide you with the best guidance and support as well as many resources that are available to aid your learning.

The CIPS Level 4 Procurement and Supply qualification isn’t industry-specific. We see individuals from all different sectors such as the automotive industry to food manufacturing and everything in-between.

No. Here at SRSCC, we have taken every precaution to ensure the safety of our learners and mentors by adopting the use of Virtual Classrooms, allowing students to watch live lessons and ask questions as though they were in a normal classroom. We can also offer remote examinations at an additional cost.

The expected overall completion time is 600 hours which is the overall number of guided learning hours, additional self-study and assessment time that is required. Approx 12 months.

Learning Materials are provided on all aspects of our courses, whether it be Classroom, Virtual Classroom or Video Learning Environment.

What’s Next?

Upon completion of your CIPS Level 4 course, you may want to further improve and develop your industry skills. The level 5 CIPS course we offer is for just that, aimed at senior buyers, contract managers and supply chain managers, the Level 5 CIPS course arms you with the necessary expertise to improve organisational procurement and more efficiently achieve corporate objectives.
Are you looking for a more practical approach to learning? Why not take a look at our range of CIPS apprenticeships, designed to give you the industry knowledge as well as the hands-on skills that you will need when searching for a career in procurement and supply

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Emma Jackson

Course Mentor

Emma joined SRSCC in 2019 on a freelance basis taking on a teaching and learning consultancy role. She has 20 years of experience in education as a qualified teacher, working in adult learning, secondary and primary school settings in the UK as well as abroad, namely Japan, Hungary, and France. 

More recently Emma has been teaching yoga, resilience, and mindfulness in primary schools to promote the physical and mental well-being of both pupils and staff.

Being multi-lingual and having a zeal for communication, cultural exchange and life-long learning Emma jumped at the opportunity to join the company as a Course Mentor. Building a good rapport with her learners, supporting them to overcome any challenges on their apprentice journey and facilitating them to fulfil their potential is her motivation.

Cumbrian born and bred in the Lake District, Emma enjoys the outdoors. When not relaxing in tree pose, she is most at home trail running in the hills with her husband and dog. Having clocked up 4 marathons to date, the application of her long-distance running mindset of perseverance, determination, discipline and patience is key to supporting her learners in their studies.

SRSCC Staff Images Ashlee Scribbins

Ashlee Scribbins

Office Administrator

Ashlee has joined the SRSCC team as an Office Administrator, and with a level 2 and 3 in Business Administration, she fits right in!

Ashlee has a wide range of experience from working as a Legal Secretary for the Royal Air Force to managing a team. Ashlee is eager to use her customer service and business administration skills for her new role at SRSCC.

SRSCC Staff Images Declan Hemingway

Declan Hemingway

Sales and Business Development Assistant

Declan recently graduated University studying BSc Business and Management with Marketing achieving a 2:1 and was looking for a role in Business Development to put his knowledge and education to the test.

He has a strong desire to grow the SRSCC brand and customer base. Working alongside our Business Development and Relationship Manager; he looks to strengthen both our Commercial and Apprenticeship learner portfolio by liaising with potential and existing learners through building customer relationships and understanding their requirements.