CIPS Level 3 Advanced Certificate

SRSCC delivers the Advanced Certificate in Procurement and Supply Operations.
Designed for all. Tailored for success.

SRSCC Average Pass Rate for CIPS Advanced Certificate
CIPS National Average Pass Rate for CIPS Advanced Certificate

CIPS Level 3

SRSCC delivers the Advanced Certificate in Procurement and Supply Operations.
Designed for all. Tailored for success.

92% Pass rate on CIPS Diploma

CIPS Level 3 Course Overview

SRSCC’s CIPS Level 3 Advanced Certificate in Procurement and Supply is one of a series of progressive purchasing and supply chain management qualifications. It is aimed at procurement professionals who have been working in the industry and would like to obtain a qualification. This program, designed by the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS), provides a thorough understanding of best practices, helps develop new skills, and familiarises the learner with procurement terminology. The goal of this qualification is to help individuals improve their efficiency and effectiveness in procurement and supply chain management.

CIPS Level 3 Modules

Core Modules

Procurement and supply is to operate in a varied range of environments. As well as the public and private sectors, those responsible for the procurement and supply function may find themselves working with those in not-for-profit organisations.

This module is designed for those who are involved in the procurement and supply function, who must recognise the wider environment in which they work and the impacts that different types of organisations can have on successfully meeting with overall organisational needs. They must know the importance of the external environment and also identify the procedures that regulate procurement and supply.

In any organisation, a significant element of the procurement and supply function is based around the contracting process.

This module is designed for those involved in the development and subsequent administration and performance monitoring of contracts. To ensure success, such individuals must demonstrate knowledge and comprehension of how
to achieve competitive pricing and also how effective tendering is achieved.

The significant impact on reputation and customer perception mean that ethics and responsible procurement should be at the heart of all organisational procurement and supply activity. A successful organisation will strive to add value at every stage of its operations and will seek ways to measure and improve performance.

This module is designed for those responsible for the application of ethical codes of conduct on the procurement and supply operation and who are expected to know how to address potential conflicts of interest. They must also define tasks associated with each stage of the sourcing process and identify the techniques available to achieve added value, recognising how operational performance can be measured and improved.

Individuals with responsibility for procurement and supply activity are to operate in a range of environments and within a correspondingly broad variety of teams. The influence of the individual and that of the team on overall organisational success should not be underestimated. Those who work in organisations will, more often than not be expected to cope with change be it small or large, and must therefore understand the triggers that lead to change, the associated responses and methods to ensure and maintain lasting change.

This module is designed for those who are involved in the procurement and supply function, who must recognise the wider environment in which they work and the impacts that different types of individuals and team dynamics have to play on organisational success. They must also identify with need for and responses to change, and recognise the coping mechanisms which ensure and maintain change.

Elective Units

After completing four compulsory modules, you will then need to choose one of the elective units below to earn the final six credits you’ll need to finish the course. Enhance your expertise with a deep dive into the latest industry trends and practices.

Company reputation can be severely damaged if the organisation or one of its suppliers, is seen to be neglecting sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Similarly, against a background of increasing public and governmental concern for the environment,
organisations have come under increasing pressure to reduce the environmental impact of their operations.

This module is designed for those working in procurement and supply who should recognise the responsibility which they have for ensuring sustainable and socially responsible practices and the importance of the environmental impact of their decisions
and approaches.

Warehousing and distribution are key components of organisational success. The transport, storage and handling of products as they move from raw material, through production systems to the final point of sale has been fundamental to economic development for

In more recent times, against a background of increasing public and governmental concern for the environment, organisations have come under increasing pressure to reduce the environmental impact of their warehousing and distribution processes. Similarly, company reputation can be severely damaged if the organisation or one of its suppliers, is seen to be neglecting sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

This module is designed for those working in procurement and supply who have responsibility for product storage and distribution. It takes as its focus the storage and movement of inventory but also recognises
the impact of such operations on environmental sustainability and CSR.

L4M1 Scope & Influence of Procurement & Supply

Learners will gain a broad understanding of the key steps in procurement and supply, as well as a solid foundation for individuals who work with complicated and unique issues within the sector.

L4M2 Defining Business Need

Exploring a multitude of elements that underpin the development of business cases and specifications, this module is for learners who are required to analyse, interpret and evaluate different market’s information.

L4M3 Commercial Contracting

This module is highly relevant for learners who have a responsibility for the development of legally binding contracts and/or are already operating in the procurement and supply industry.

L4M4 Ethical and Responsible Sourcing

Developed to provide procurement and supply professionals the opportunity to analyse the essential processes used to evaluate possible external suppliers and assure the establishment of ethical and socially responsible sourcing agreements.

L4M5 Commercial Negotiation

Through specific techniques and methodologies, you will learn to identify approaches which will secure negotiated commercial agreements with external organisations and parties.

L4M6 Supplier Relationships

Nurturing a successful supplier relationship is a significant element for procurement professionals, following the completion of this module, learners will be able to successfully maintain and manage relationships with both stakeholders and suppliers.

L4M7 Whole Life Asset Management

Following the undertaking of this module, learners will be adept at explaining methods of inventory storage and control, as well as able to analyse the concept of whole life cost from conception, through to disposal.

L4M8 Procurement & Supply in Practice

As a result of studying this module, learners will not only theoretically understand key elements of procurement and supply management, they will also be able to apply their knowledge into real world business situations, as part of the procurement and supply process.

CIPS Level 3 Learning Methods

Independent Learning Zone

This includes course videos and revision sessions for each module plus formative assessment from our CIPS qualified tutors and practitioners. 

Our online Independent Learning Zone includes structured teaching throughout breaking the sessions into bite size pieces making it easy to follow. Learners can work at their own pace through learning outcomes. 

The voiceover makes it unique to any other distance option on the market allowing the content to come to life with many real-life examples and guidance on best practice. The content is easy to follow with the links learning outcomes and formative assessments including assignment, quizzes, and questions throughout. 

Constructive feedback on assignments and exam techniques is given on all work submitted. The ILZ system tracks the learners progress through the unit. 

In addition, all learners have access to other resources such as revision guidance, revision sessions, self-test questions plus additional resources.

Live Virtual Classroom

This includes 2-day real time online classroom workshops with a fully qualified procurement practitioner who will bring the theory to life with real life practical examples. Covering all modules and learning outcomes leaving the learner full of confidence to tackle the formative assessments and prepare for their examinations. 

This delivery option also benefits from live virtual classroom revision sessions and access to our fully comprehensive Independent Learning Zone (ILZ) which includes course videos and revision sessions for each module. 

To ensure quality and value we operate maximum class sizes. All course modules are delivered by our experienced team of procurement practitioners who are MCIPS/FCIPS, Chartered Professionals and CIPS assessors.

CIPS Level 3 Course Information

Who is it aimed at?

This course is perfect for learners who have experience in:

• Administrator
• Assistant Buyer
• Assistant Contract Officer
• Contract Analyst
• Stock/ Inventory controller/ planner

What skills will I learn?

The core skill learnt during CIPS Level 3 Advanced Certificate in Procurement and Supply is the ability to apply key tasks associated with purchasing and supply operations. Students will have robust knowledge to:

  • Understand and apply demand
  • management through manual or IT based systems
  • Carry out stock valuation and ordering
  • Arrange supply logistics and the necessary paperwork
  • Implement new contracts
  • Query performance
  • Financial management
  • Contract review

For full details of all the learning objectives please email for the level content guide.


Each unit is assessed through a 2-hour computer based exam consisting of drag and drop, multiple choice and drop down list style questions.

Equivalent to

• A level, NVQ3, Foundation studies (UK)
• SAQA NQF level 5 (SA)
• NZQA level 4 (NZ)
• AQF certificate IV (VET/AUS)
• TQF level 3 (TEVETA)

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CIPS Level 3 FAQs

The CIPS Level 3 Advanced Certificate in Procurement and Supply Operations is for those who will be working at the tactical level but are moving towards the Operational level of the CIPS Global Standard for Procurement and supply.

The levy funding is only available for UK businesses (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have different Apprenticeship authorities, please refer to your authority) to draw down to fund Apprenticeships. The funding available is dependent on the level of the individual organisations pay bill which is set at a rate of 0.5% of their total pay bill.

The training must be provided by an approved provider who is on the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers and the Apprenticeship must be an approved standard.

If you are looking to prepare yourself for working and specialising in procurement and supply then this Level 3 Course is right for you. Even better, finishing the Level 3 Procurement and Supply course puts you in a perfect position to progress onto the Level 4 Procurement and Supply diploma, furthering your knowledge, understanding and expertise in the field of Procurement and Supply Operations.

In this course, you will learn how to apply factual, procedural and theoretical knowledge of procurement and supply in order to equip you with the relevant problem-solving skills that will make you an effective procurement and supply professional.


CIPS Level 3 Advanced Certificate consists of 4 compulsory units:


  • L3M1 Procurement and Supply Environments
  • L3M2 Ethical Procurement and Supply
  • L3M3 Contract Administration
  • L3M4 Team Dynamics and Change


And one elective module that can be chosen to make up the remaining six credits:


  • L3M5 Socially Responsible Procurement
  • L3M6 Socially Responsible Warehousing and Distribution

All of our CIPS courses involve structured learning and additional support for those who need it. Our mentors will provide you with the best guidance and support as well as many resources that are available to aid your learning.

The CIPS Level 3 Procurement and Supply qualification isn’t industry-specific. We see individuals from all different sectors such as the automotive industry to food manufacturing and everything in-between.

Level 3 Advanced Certificate – Often, it is those who have been working in procurement for some months and would like to obtain a qualification that start at this level. This qualification aims to give individuals some insight into best practices, learn new skills and technique to improve their own efficiency and effectiveness, but also to familiarise themselves with procurement terminology. Typical job titles for those at this level are:

  • Assistant Buyer
  • Administrator
  • Assistant Contract Officer
  • Contract Analyst
  • Stock/ Inventory controller/ planner

There is no natural pause, as soon as they finish one module a new one is issued and started. All Apprentices should be actively learning throughout their ‘practical period’ until they get to the EPA Gateway. At this point, they start their project.

The expected overall completion time is 300 hours which is the overall number of guided learning hours, additional self-study and assessment time that is required. Approx 12-14 months.

Learning Materials are provided on all aspects of our courses.

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What’s Next?

Start your journey towards mastering supply chain management by taking a look at our course overview. If it aligns with your career goals, reach out to us and we’ll help you determine the learning method that suits you best. Whether you are looking to join us in-house at your organisation, in a live Virtual Classroom or via our Independent Learning Zone (ILZ), SRSCC is ready to accommodate you. After we’ve determined the best fit, we’ll begin the enrolment process.

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Shannon Martin

Assessment Coordinator

Shannon joined the SRSCC Team in April 2024 as an Assessment Coordinator.

Following a career in Administrative roles and in Invoice Finance as a Relationship Manager, Shannon was ready for a career change and is looking forward to using her previous experience and transferable skills in this new role. Shannon is a keen learner and is excited to expand her skills at SRSCC.

Outside of work Shannon enjoys spending time with her family and friends, reading, and going on long country walks with her dog.

Matthew Johnston

Operations Manager

Matthew is a dedicated individual who has devoted 24 years of his life to serving as a Combat Medic, providing critical care and support in high-pressure situations.

Transitioning into a new chapter, he embarked on a career shift in February 2024, joining SR Supply Chain Consultants with a wealth of experience and knowledge in logistics management.

Matthew’s academic journey has been marked by his commitment to learning and growth, culminating in the attainment of a upper second Bachelor of Science (Hons) degree in logistics management. This academic foundation complements his extensive practical experience, which includes roles as an operations manager and a facilities manager.

With a unique blend of field expertise, strategic thinking, and managerial acumen, Matthew is poised to make significant contributions to SRSCC, leveraging his diverse skill set to drive efficiency and excellence in his new role.

Jack Callaghan

Operations Coordinator

In December 2023, Jack became an integral part of SRSCC as an Operations Coordinator.

His expertise lies in auditing processes and devising innovative solutions to improve areas with growth potential. He excels in comprehending and refining systems and procedures, consistently recognising opportunities for streamlining and automation.

Jack has exceptional communication skills, refined during his English Literature degree at the University of Liverpool, which facilitate his ability to articulate ideas effectively.

Detail-oriented and equally focused on the big picture, Jack applies his meticulous organisational skills to all facets of a framework, identifying the most efficient strategies for achieving both personal and collective aims.

His methodical approach and strategic thinking make Jack an indispensable asset, contributing to the team’s effectiveness and the achievement of organisational goals.

Sophie Drew

Operations Coordinator

Sophie joined the SRSCC Team in December 2023 as one of our Operations Coordinators.

Hailing from the picturesque county of Norfolk, she has 10 years of Administration experience, having most recently worked in Further Education.

Beyond the office walls, you’ll often find Sophie in the gym, or baking something up in the kitchen. She loves to spend time with family, friends and her two dachshunds – Digby and Bernie.

Kelly Little

Safeguarding and Prevent Lead

Kelly joined SRSCC in December 2023 as Safeguarding & Prevent Lead.

Kelly has worked in education for over 13 years, and has safeguarding and teaching experience ranging from Early Years right through to Higher Education.

Outside of work, Kelly enjoys spending time with her family and exploring different countries.

Amanda Wilson

Customer Success Manager

Amanda was delighted to join the SRSCC team in November 2023 as a Customer Success Manager. Amanda comes to us as a seasoned Area Manager with over 10 years of management expertise and a strong background in customer service spanning over 15 years. Amanda is a dedicated professional holding NVQ Level 3 in Management and Customer Service and is committed to driving excellence in both leadership and customer relations.

Outside of work, Amanda enjoys spending time with her family, walking her 2 dogs (which she adores) and reading.

Rachel Hampson

Progress Mentor and Functional Skills Tutor

Rachel was delighted to join SRSCC in November 2023 in her role as a Progress Mentor and Functional Skills Tutor.

Rachel has been teaching for over 15 years and her experience ranges from teaching young offenders and adults in Prison Education to Curriculum management in a Large FE college. Rachel has dedicated much of her career to teaching students who lack confidence in English and helping them overcome barriers preventing them from achieving. Rachel also tutors in her spare time and finds it very rewarding.

Outside of work, she likes to spend time with her family, go on holidays, but would love to see more of the world!

Victoria Prescott

CIPS Tutor

Victoria has a passion for teaching and mentoring that has consistently been a driving force in her career. She has conducted in-house training, developed educational materials, and mentored team members to help them excel in their roles. Victoria believes that effective teaching involves not only imparting knowledge but also fostering critical thinking, problem-solving, and adaptability – skills that are essential in the world of procurement.

With over a decade of hands-on experience in procurement, throughout her career, Victoria has successfully managed procurement processes, negotiated complex contracts, and redesigned supply chain processes to optimise performance for various organisations. Her experience spans across industries, and she has a proven track record of achieving cost savings and improving operational efficiency.

Victoria is enthusiastic about her role in guiding students toward a deeper understanding of procurement and preparing them for successful careers in the field. Her goal is to inspire the next generation of buyers and supply chain professionals, equipping them with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in life and business.

She studied and passed her MCIPS with SR Supply Chain Consultants. Her training with the organization exposed her to its unique approach to problem-solving, customer service, and innovation. Victoria had the privilege of learning from seasoned professionals within the company, benefiting from their wealth of experience and expertise. This experience has not only enhanced her professional skills but has also instilled in her a deep appreciation for the company’s values and commitment to excellence.

Jessica Hogg

Administration Assistant

Jess went to college straight after school in Sheffield studying Health and Social care. She then moved to Blackburn and went onto University study Teaching and Learning Support and Education Studies- which she graduate from with a 2:1.

Jess worked within Customer Services whilst at University, and enjoyed being able to help assist clients. Jess’ next step was working in schools as a Teaching Assistant, giving her vast experience working with children who have SEMH needs. This helped her develop many skills and expanded her understanding in regard to the education sector. 

During her spare time Jess likes to go on days out with her husband and their daughter, going back to Sheffield to see her friends and family and taking her German Shepherd out on long walks in the countryside.  

Chloe Scott

Customer Success Manager

Chloe has a diverse professional background, starting her career as a Nursery Nurse Apprentice, where she completed her apprenticeship. She subsequently gained a wealth of experience in various roles including being a Nanny, a Sales Advisor and most recently as an Accommodation Coordinator.

During her time working in the nursery sector, she gained invaluable experience with Ofsted standards and requirements, which she skillfully navigated to ensure the nursery met all required benchmarks. Her adaptability and resilience are evident as she transitioned through several fields due to varied circumstances such as completion of her apprenticeship and the shifting dynamics of the COVID-19 pandemic.

She’s shown a remarkable commitment in every role she’s held, notably in her most recent employment as an Accommodation Coordinator. There, she managed a wide range of responsibilities including handling student complaints, coordinating with external contractors, and organising accounts and much more.

Outside work Chloe lives with her husband, 2 dogs and 3 cats. Chloe is a big advocate for animal welfare and mental health wellbeing.

Claire Dodd

Progress Mentor and Functional Skills Tutor

Claire graduated from Edge Hill University in 1997 with a BA (Hons) Degree in Social Studies with Qualified Teaching Status. During her time in the teaching profession, she predominantly worked as a class teacher with primary school age children. 4 years ago, she changed her role to a Teaching Assistant (Level 3) and set up her own home tutoring business, in the evenings, teaching children up to Year 10.

Outside of work, Claire enjoys going away in her motorhome for weekend breaks, going to the gym and walking her lively sausage dog.

Megan Pepper

Learner Engagement Mentor

Megan graduated in 2021 from Edge Hill University with a 1st class degree in BSc (hons) Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Wellbeing. During her time studying, I volunteered at a local youth centre where she worked with a range of young people through art and creative activities.

Since graduating, Megan’s worked in further education supporting students with SEND. This has given her a strong passion for supporting all students to overcome any barriers to their learning, promoting their independence and positive wellbeing to help them to succeed. Megan is excited to be working at SRSCC to apply her skills and knowledge to support learners in achieving the best outcomes.

In her spare time, you can always find Megan reading a book or practicing yoga and meditation- which has become such a positive start to her day. She loves keeping an active and busy lifestyle when not looking after her three guinea pigs, who definitely rule the house!

Gemma Crowhurst

Business Development and Account Manager

Gemma is delighted to have joined our Business Development Team in May 2023

In the past, Gemma’s job roles have been varied and she has vast experience in a number of different managerial roles.

Gemma has excellent customer service skills and experience in sales and account management.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and going for walks with her 2 little dogs.

Every Thursday Gemma also teaches children dance and organises a show annually.

Eileen Moran

Quality and Compliance Manager

Eileen joined the SRSCC Team in 2023 as Quality and Compliance Manager. Having worked in the training and Apprenticeship industry for over 23 years, she has a particular focus on compliance and training.

Her key strengths include reviewing and the implementation of company policy and procedures, to ensure they are fit for purpose and meet regulatory requirements.

Eileen has a good all-round knowledge of the training industry and has been heavily involved in the preparation and planning of OFSTED, ESFA and Awarding Body on-site visits.

She describes herself as ambitious, dedicated and an excellent communicator with a real passion for improving the quality of occupational training.

Alison Hogg

Apprenticeship Progress & Guidance Manager

Alison has over 25 years experience in the government funded training industry, working across a number of occupational sectors and funding streams, including Apprenticeships and short courses.

She looks forward to sharing her knowledge and experience at SRSCC to enhance the already established Apprenticeship programmes and to further enhance her own knowledge in the procurement sector.

Linda Wilson

Progress Mentor and Functional Skills Tutor

In 2005, Linda decided to change her career from management to training, gaining a position with a training organisation, delivering full Apprenticeship’s which included NVQ’s and Functional Skills qualifications, later progressing to Internal Verifier, supporting the quality of other Assessors.

In 2017 she became a Functional Skills Tutor at HMP establishments, continuing until the 2020 Covid19 lockdowns.

She has since worked as a Careers Advisor on a National Careers Service contract, and as a Financial Wellbeing Mentor, supporting the Probation Service.

In her new role as Progress Mentor and Functional Skills Tutor with SRSCC, Linda is looking forward to using her knowledge and skills to give guidance and support to others.

Anjali Riley

Progress Mentor and Functional Skills Tutor

Anjali graduated from Edge Hill University in 1993 with a BA (Hons) in English with Qualified Teacher Status. She worked as a primary school teacher and supply teacher for over 25 years in different schools located in Derbyshire and Lancashire. In addition to her teaching qualifications, Anjali also holds TEFL and mentor certifications. She has also have volunteered with Lancashire Women, a charity that aids women in returning to employment, and worked at a local Barnardo’s shop alongside this.

Anjali’s aim is to apply her teaching knowledge and experience to her mentoring position by supporting, guiding, and assisting learners in accomplishing their goals.

Maddy Grant

Marketing Manager

Maddy graduated from Huddersfield University in 2009 with 2:1 in drama. She went on to travel and work in various customer-facing roles around the world. After returning to the UK, Maddy found her passion for marketing and social media and has supported companies as they look to grow their brand both nationally and international. 

Maddy is currently studying for the CIM Level 6 Digital Marketing Diploma.

Outside of work, Maddy can be found running around a hockey pitch or going for muddy walks with her husband and kids. 

Matthew Shepherd

Progress Mentor

With over fifteen years’ experience in the education sector, Matthew is passionate about enabling learners to achieve their potential and breaking down barriers that may exist in ones learning journey.

Matthew graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2008 with an BA(Hons) in Politics before moving into employment as a Special Educational Needs Teaching Assistant. After a number of years in this position, Matthew gained his Qualified Teaching Status at St Mary’s University, before taking up a primary teaching post. In addition to classroom teaching, Matthew developed in his role as a middle-leader by heading the Physical Education, Religious Education and RSHE departments.

In his spare time, Matthew enjoys playing a number of sports such as football, golf and cricket, riding various types of heritage trains and buses, and is a keen reader of anything historical.

Matthew prides himself on his ability to get the best possible outcomes for his learners and has a proven track-record of achieving great results whilst giving people the tools they need to continue their learning as they move onto the next stage in their career.


Humayra Patel

Administrative Assistant
Humayra’s first role after finishing college was as a Customer Service Advisor, where she developed her customer service & admin skills, helping her progress into a Senior Sales Advisor role. After 5 years, Humayra went on to work in a Bank as a Customer Financial Assistant, helping customers who were struggling financially. Humayra is now an Administration Assistant at SRSCC and is hoping to work towards a role in HR. Outside of work, Humayra has a passion for travelling and enjoys water hikes.

Emily Kitson

Administrative Assistant

Emily went straight into work after finishing school, working in the customer service sector for six years. After some time, Emily returned to studying alongside for her role in customer service and completed her qualifications in Animal Behavior and Zoology. Since getting back into education, she has found her love for learning, making SRSCC the perfect fit for her new passion.

Emily recently moved from Hampshire and set up her new roots in the Lancaster area where she also volunteers with Cats Protection. Emily relocated to be with her longtime partner, and they aim to travel the world as much as possible. She enjoys reading, playing video games, and watching an array of true crime documentaries.

Ruth Rogers

Ruth Rogers


With over 25 years procurement and business practitioner experience, Ruth is passionate about engaging with students of all levels and making learning fun and enjoyable for all.

Ruth started her career in automotive via a company traineeship at Peugeot in 1990 and this is where she decided that purchasing was her niche. Following on from her degree Ruth has worked in various companies within the automotive and telecommunications sectors, particularly GPT, Marconi, ID Data Systems and JLR as a buyer progressing to senior management positions, and latterly designing, developing and delivering training courses for procurement within JLR.

In 2002 Ruth decided to move into the education sector delivering teaching and training in a wide range of Business, Strategy, Management, Operations & Supply and HR modules at Coventry University. This was combined with CIPS teaching delivery at City College Coventry across a wide range of the syllabus at all levels and becoming CIPS Course Manager. She was responsible for her and the team taking the college from a “Highly Commended” provider to a “Centre of Excellence”. Alongside this she has worked with CIPS as an assessor for 16 years, through syllabus changes for a variety of modules, specialising in Management in the Procurement Function and been an assessor on the Corporate Award Programme.

During her time working she has studied a BA Honours Degree in Business Information Technology, MBA in International Business and PGC in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education along with MCIPS and attaining Chartered Status. Having a combined knowledge of working in Further Education and Higher Education has provided Ruth with a broad spectrum of education subject knowledge in addition to Procurement Professionalism. Having a combined experience of procurement practice, business and education enables Ruth to give real life examples from experience within different organisational sectors that students can relate easily to.

Rachel Beardwell

Finance Officer

After being on maternity leave for a couple of years, Rachel decided it was time to pursue a career in Accounting and Finance. Rachel started studying her AAT Level 2 in 2022 and aims to continue studying her AAT course through to Level 3 and 4.

Outside of work, Rachel enjoys spending time with her family and friends, going on long walks and shopping.

Jen Shepherd

Admin and Customer Service Manager

Jenn completed her Apprenticeship in Business and Administration in 2008 and has since built upon a foundation of knowledge and skills in the administration and customer support areas.

Jenn has a degree, as well as a master’s degree, in English which have helped support her commitment to compliance and attention to detail.

Since returning to work from maternity leave in 2020, Jenn has worked in education settings and has an in-depth knowledge on Safeguarding and Child Protection, which she believes is a key part of all employees’ role when working with learners.

Outside of work, Jenn lives with her husband and two young daughters. She had her first book published in 2022 and advocates for the mental wellbeing of new parents.

michelle whalley

Michelle Whalley

Course Progress Mentor

Michelle graduated from Liverpool John Moore’s University in 2003 with a BA(HONs) in Physical Education, Sport, Dance and English, with Qualified Teacher Status. Michelle now holds 20 years’ experience of working in education. Her experience to date is hugely diverse, with a love for learning and striving for excellence across all areas of her life developed from when she was a young girl, representing her country at Athletics. It was from this platform Michelle developed a disciplined approach to every tasks set of her. During her time in teaching, she has taught a wide range of subjects, been a pastoral leader, and led ITT programmes.

Michelle prides herself on her ability to get the best possible outcomes out of people. This has been proven not only in the time she’s spent in education, but also in the set up and running of her own business.

Working in a fast-paced environment, especially becoming a Head of Year as well as teaching has consistently challenged her and ensured she’s flexible and adaptable

Lucy Eckersley

Assessment Manager

After recently graduating university and achieving a first-class degree in Drama, Lucy wanted to apply her production management experience to an administration role in business. Having worked part time jobs as a waitress and office receptionist during her education, Lucy has good customer service skills and enjoys helping customers and clients by addressing their queries. Lucy is excited to be working at SRSCC and is keen to use her process driven way of working to increase the effectiveness of SRSCC’s administrative processes. In her free time, Lucy enjoys watching musicals and running. She also enjoys spending time outdoors, and loves going hiking from her caravan in the Yorkshire Dales.
Tom Himsworth

Tom Himsworth

Administrative Assistant

Tom graduated from Edgehill University in 2015 with a degree in Creative Writing. After Tom’s journey through university, he worked extensively within the Healthcare sector in mostly administrative roles. It was here that he found his natural organized and observant manner was best suited as it allowed him to understand how each work environment operated, and where processes, customer service and communication could be improved for the benefit of everyone. Throughout his working life, Tom has gained experience with varying mental health conditions and is passionate about advocating the importance of mental health support and well-being. He is currently looking into various volunteer schemes to help champion mental health awareness. Along with this, Tom is an avid writer and is usually working on a story or two and is passionate about learning more about all forms of creative media.
Estelle Marsden

Estelle Marsden

Customer Support Coordinator

Estelle has completed apprenticeships in both Business Administration and Customer service. Her first Role after leaving school was a receptionist at a Podiatrist and that is where she found her passion for helping people and providing positive customer experiences. After 4 years she then moved into retail where her skills progressed further. Estelle has several years’ experience in a customer facing environment, which has led her to the role of Customer Support Coordinator here at SRSCC. Estelle is hoping to expand her expertise further and progress with SRSCC. Other than her passion for Customer Service. Estelle enjoys walking, Hiking, and exploring in her free time. She also enjoys going to the theatre and watching true crime. Estelle likes to spend most of her time with family and friends.

Emma Jackson

Course Progress Mentor

Emma joined SRSCC in 2019 on a freelance basis taking on a teaching and learning consultancy role. She has 20 years of experience in education as a qualified teacher, working in adult learning, secondary and primary school settings in the UK as well as abroad, namely Japan, Hungary, and France. 

More recently Emma has been teaching yoga, resilience, and mindfulness in primary schools to promote the physical and mental well-being of both pupils and staff.

Being multi-lingual and having a zeal for communication, cultural exchange and life-long learning Emma jumped at the opportunity to join the company as a Course Mentor. Building a good rapport with her learners, supporting them to overcome any challenges on their apprentice journey and facilitating them to fulfil their potential is her motivation.

Cumbrian born and bred in the Lake District, Emma enjoys the outdoors. When not relaxing in tree pose, she is most at home trail running in the hills with her husband and dog. Having clocked up 4 marathons to date, the application of her long-distance running mindset of perseverance, determination, discipline and patience is key to supporting her learners in their studies.

SRSCC Staff Images Ashlee Scribbins

Ashlee Scribbins

Office Administrator

Ashlee has joined the SRSCC team as an Office Administrator, and with a level 2 and 3 in Business Administration, she fits right in!

Ashlee has a wide range of experience from working as a Legal Secretary for the Royal Air Force to managing a team. Ashlee is eager to use her customer service and business administration skills for her new role at SRSCC.

Declan Hemingway

Marketing Manager
Declan joined SRSCC in 2020 after graduating from University studying BSc Business and Management with Marketing, achieving a 2:1. Declan was looking for a role in Business Development to put his knowledge and education to the test by liaising with potential and existing learners through building customer relationships and understanding their requirements. After just over a year and a half at SRSCC, Declan has moved into the role of Marketing Manager. His aim is to increase brand awareness of SRSCC, generate new business leads, and co-ordinate marketing strategies & projects.