CIPS qualifications are changing but keep calm and carry on

If you’ve received notice from CIPS that it’s changing the qualifications, please don’t worry. This won’t have any negative implications on you or your progress through the levels.

Every few years, CIPS undertakes a review. Its aim is to ensure its qualifications are always at the forefront of best practice and relevant to those working in procurement and supply. As we live in a world that’s always changing, regular reviews are essential, but as a current student, or one considering a programme of CIPS study, you may be wondering how it will affect you.

The short answer is that you won’t notice anything different at the start. Any changes will be carefully introduced so as not to cause problems. Training providers, like SRSCC, liaise with CIPS. We are used to dealing with updates, and we’ll ensure you are always working towards the most up-to-date certificates on your journey towards professional qualifications.

It’s important to know that everything you have already achieved – or will achieve during the review process – will remain valid and be transferred over to the updated qualification. There is no need to postpone studies or wait for the review to conclude.

If your MyCIPs account details are correct, you’ll receive updates. Read the student newsletter, follow CIPS on social media and ask an SRSCC tutor if you want to know more. But the key message now is not to panic. We know the slogan has become somewhat overused, but it really is a case of keep calm and carry on.

If and when changes are made – and it’s a review that’s taking place, not a complete fresh start – your CIPS qualification will be even more appropriate and valuable. In other words, it’s for the best.

If you want to be a procurement professional, keep studying, and we’ll get you there.

We’re happy to answer any questions about the review. Call us on 01772 282555.

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