Study and Revision during Lockdown


Things are different, many are working from home, furloughed or have no choice but to go into their place of work as frontline workers. Since lockdown your role may have increased and you may be wearing more ‘hats’; children’s educator, entertainer, dog walker, chef or carer for those vulnerable family members. It’s not surprising that study and revision begin to take a back seat.

Are you worried? Falling behind? Don’t panic, you are not alone. Disruption over the past few months has impacted previous study plans. Take a deep breath, with the postponement of examinations there is an opportunity to spread the load and create a new study plan.

For those that are studying and revising during lockdown here are few handy tips:

• Devise a new study/revision plan around your new schedule, remember you may no longer have to travel to/from work or pick up the children from school

• Plan to study regularly but for a shorter duration, set SMART targets and deadlines

• Communicate the new plan to your loved ones and try to stick to it. Ask for assistance with childcare when appropriate

• Invest in earphones, not only is this handy to cut out background noise but it will enable you to watch your course and revision videos undisturbed

• Turn your video on when attending our online classes. Seeing your peers familiar faces can encourage smiling, laughter and the odd joke or two

• Start your study and revision early and avoid last minute cramming

• Make full use of the course resources: the study guide, CIPS knowledge, online courses, revision videos, forums, revision packs and online practice examinations will help you to succeed

• Complete assignments and send to your tutor. Take diligent notes at the online sessions provided by the tutors

• Strapped for time? Think about leaving your study and workbooks out as this saves time to begin each study session

• If you get symptoms of the virus STOP. Your health is more important

If possible, stay in touch with your study peers, it will help to remain focussed as they understand what you are going through. If you are concerned reach out, the SRSCC team have already had a high number of conversations with many of our learners to blow off steam, share worries, concerns or just for a chat, it all helps. Our recent coffee morning was a roaring success with some lovely furry, feathered and scaled friend entrants.

If you would like to get involved in our lighthearted fun please email for more information on what’s next.


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Study and Revision during Lockdown