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Minimising Supply Chain Vulnerability

There is no doubt that in this age of Industry 4.0, the Procurement and Supply Chain departments are the owners of Supply Chain Risk. For the first time ever Procurement is now making the national news and Procurement people are now being interviewed on TV. “Why“? you may ask. Because there is a desperate need for PPE, Ventilators etc. in the NHS and the ownership and responsibility to deliver very firmly lies with Procurement. Nobody in a Procurement role is responsible for the cause of the Coronavirus Pandemic, however it is our job to solve the supply issue and our profile has never been higher. So how can we help Procurement and Supply Professionals to manage and mitigate any vulnerability in our supply chains?

Access this short article written by Gary Tinsley FCIPS (Chartered) here.

Effective Procurement in the NHS and Efficiency Realisation

 “Procurement today is at the forefront of organisations; procurement no longer sits in the shadows. Over the years I have seen the profile of procurement rapidly increase in many industries, none more so than the NHS. The drive for better procurement, high quality and greater value have never been more important.
The Department of Health and Social Care publish “Procurement Development Programme and Guidance”. This includes e-procurement strategies, increasing transparency, resisting cost inflation pressures, understanding performance and Procurement and Commercial Standards.
Putting this guidance into practice is quite often a much more difficult, even more so with the coronavirus pandemic. Trying to follow guidance and make judgement calls is extremely challenging in todays environment. Therefore, training Procurement to have the right skills, competencies and confidence to do so is important. Taking the lead and implementing this guidance is not something that comes naturally to many however these skills and competences can be taught, (although some would beg to differ!)”

Access the full article written by Sue Rashid FCIPS (Chartered) here.

SR Strategic Sourcing are experienced Industry professionals who have delivered tangible results in both savings and efficiency gains with organisations and senior procurement executives across both Public and Private sectors in the UK and Globally with multi National Organisations. This is through delivering world class Supply Chain & Procurement training and coaching – tailored to meet the specific needs of the Organisation.

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Some useful articles from our Sister Organisation SR Strategic Sourcing