Delivering Talent for Manchester City Council

SRSCC Manchester City Council

Here at SR Supply Chain Consultants, it’s our vision to support Manchester in becoming World-class city by 2025 through the development of ethical procurement practices. As part of MCC core values and support in developing staff, MCC has decided to enrol 4 of their Procurement employees on our L4 Commercial Procurement and Supply Apprenticeship, supported by our driven procurement mentors.

The SRSCC Vision for Manchester

They will operate on projects alongside the city and further their knowledge and skills within a busy and diverse environment with the help of local communities comprised of residents, volunteers and business and civic leaders. We aim to achieve this by working hard on improving the cities infrastructure; for example, public transport, clean green spaces, safer communities and, most importantly, improving the day to day lives of the people in Manchester by upskilling and developing their procurement workforce.

MCC Objectives

The MCC goal is to create a highly-skilled city with the resources that it needs to succeed and excel, fostering values that will last long into the future and provide longevity and growth for the Manchester residents and communities as a whole. SRSCC support through the delivery of the apprenticeship and mentoring, its SRSCC goal to develop highly skilled Procurement People, thus building on MCC’s enormous youthful potential.

How SRSCC Helped Manchester City Council

The MCC values and how they’re supported by what we do here at SRSCC are listed below:

1. A Thriving and Sustainable City

We work to encourage a diverse and equal culture at SRSCC, and we do so at every step of the way, from the classroom to the workplace. Promoting innovation and creativity, we use this to help embed these diverse values within our teaching and study, promoting equality and diversity at every step of the way.

Training That Focuses on Sustainability

We instil these values within our students and deliver excellent training and progression to meet all of the high standards of Apprenticeships and Procurement training with equality, ethics and corporate responsibility at the core.

2. Highly Skilled City

To help produce and support a highly-skilled city, we deliver the L4 Commercial Procurement and Supply Apprenticeship, as well as offering the new Level 3 Apprenticeship scheme, aimed at driven and enthusiastic school leavers, graduates and individuals who have little or no Procurement experience.

Fully Accredited Apprenticeships

These Apprenticeships offer strong development of homegrown talent into highly qualified and determined professionals. Additionally, as our well-constructed Apprenticeship Levels, our numerous accolades and accreditations assure the quality of our work, holding the ISO:9001 for quality management, Cyber Essentials for secure digital practices, NHS SBS and Crown Commercial Services.

RoATP Registered To Deliver Training

Accredited by our RoATP register, (SRSCC are a primary provider on the register of Apprenticeship training providers) we’re driven by our desire for producing quality apprentices into quality professionals. Susan Rashid, our MD, sits on the trailblazer board for the development of others and is incredibly passionate about producing an accepting culture of learning and self-development within the SRSCC family and the wider Manchester community as a whole.

3. Progressive and Equitable

Treating people fairly and equally is at the heart of what we do. People are people, after all, and we all face our own adversity and hardship along the way. Whether you are 16 or 60, we treat all of our apprentices with respect, decency and understanding, taking into account the unique challenges and obstacles that you as individuals may face.

Teaching Students To Be Driven & Ethical

Our training and education is closely connected to diversity and equality, providing a blended learning model that meets the individual learning requirements of all of our learners, including additional young learner support, mentor and functional skills support and British values and safeguarding training as standard. All of these values help us foster and develop a diverse workforce that is not only highly-skilled and knowledgeable but also highly ethical, driven and ambitious.

4. Liveable and Low Carbon City

As well as instilling ethical and responsible teachings within our training, we also like to improve and sustain our environment, both in terms of the city and the nation as a whole. Our learners are taught on ethical approaches and waste reduction within procurement and supply for a variety of industries. Learners are also encouraged to use public transport where possible, and our two Manchester-based training centres are a stone’s throw away from easily-accessible transport hubs such as Manchester Piccadilly train station. Get more details on how we deliver procurement training in Manchester.

Both our L4 Commercial Procurement and Supply Apprenticeship and the new Level 3 Apprenticeship scheme can be taught wholly online, including all course material, therefore helping reduce our carbon footprint as a collective.

5. A Connected City

SRSCC provide training and mentor clients such as HS2, Manchester Air Group (MAG), both of which we currently have procurement apprentices on the programme. These kinds of networks allow us to keep in touch with the demand and give us great insights into the procurement industry as a whole.

Preparing Apprentices for the Future

Our apprentices are encouraged to use public transport and technology to connect with their clients, both current and prospective, allowing both SRSCC and it’s apprentices to remain connected with the ever-evolving World of Supply and Procurement.

Ask about our Supply and Procurement courses today!

Interested in enrolling in a Supply and Procurement Apprenticeship?

Why not get in touch with our friendly team here at SR Supply Chain Consultants today and take part in the industry-leading CIPS certified that we offer.

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Delivering Talent for Manchester City Council

Emma Jackson

Course Mentor

Emma joined SRSCC in 2019 on a freelance basis taking on a teaching and learning consultancy role. She has 20 years of experience in education as a qualified teacher, working in adult learning, secondary and primary school settings in the UK as well as abroad, namely Japan, Hungary, and France. 

More recently Emma has been teaching yoga, resilience, and mindfulness in primary schools to promote the physical and mental well-being of both pupils and staff.

Being multi-lingual and having a zeal for communication, cultural exchange and life-long learning Emma jumped at the opportunity to join the company as a Course Mentor. Building a good rapport with her learners, supporting them to overcome any challenges on their apprentice journey and facilitating them to fulfil their potential is her motivation.

Cumbrian born and bred in the Lake District, Emma enjoys the outdoors. When not relaxing in tree pose, she is most at home trail running in the hills with her husband and dog. Having clocked up 4 marathons to date, the application of her long-distance running mindset of perseverance, determination, discipline and patience is key to supporting her learners in their studies.

SRSCC Staff Images Ashlee Scribbins

Ashlee Scribbins

Office Administrator

Ashlee has joined the SRSCC team as an Office Administrator, and with a level 2 and 3 in Business Administration, she fits right in!

Ashlee has a wide range of experience from working as a Legal Secretary for the Royal Air Force to managing a team. Ashlee is eager to use her customer service and business administration skills for her new role at SRSCC.

SRSCC Staff Images Declan Hemingway

Declan Hemingway

Sales and Business Development Assistant

Declan recently graduated University studying BSc Business and Management with Marketing achieving a 2:1 and was looking for a role in Business Development to put his knowledge and education to the test.

He has a strong desire to grow the SRSCC brand and customer base. Working alongside our Business Development and Relationship Manager; he looks to strengthen both our Commercial and Apprenticeship learner portfolio by liaising with potential and existing learners through building customer relationships and understanding their requirements.