A little bit more about our sister organisation SR Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing Ltd

SR Strategic Sourcing are experienced industry professionals who have delivered tangible results in both savings and efficiency gains with organisations and senior procurement executives across both public and private sectors in the UK and globally with multi national organisations. This is through delivering world class Supply Chain & Procurement training and coaching – tailored to meet the specific needs of the organisation.

The business is underpinned through 4 pillars:

1. Expertise Through Diverse Experience
Our talented and dedicated team at SR Strategic Sourcing have joined from across industries and academia, bringing with them decades of expertise and diverse experiences. They act as a global hub of training expertise, connecting to businesses and delegates across multiple countries and cultures, bound together through the disciplines of Procurement and Supply. Taking a pragmatic and flexible approach when working with industry, backed up by real-life diverse experience of the tutors to enable innovative course development that delivers tangible results for the client. Take a look at this article written by one of our Founders looking at real life Procurement issues:

2. Innovation & Customisation
From course design and development through to delivery across both digital and traditional channels, SR Strategic Sourcing are committed to driving continuous innovation to transform Procurement and deliver tangible results. Looking into the pain points of the sectors through both academic and practical “lenses” to develop and deliver courses that transform procurement and supply chain teams and deliver tangible results and investing the time with clients prior to engagement to ensure the right course is developed for their problems/goals.

For an informative read about saving money through effective Procurement please click here.

3. Socially Conscious Problem solvers
SR Strategic Sourcing are committed to ethical business practices, believing that successful long term business relationships are built on the principles of honesty, trust and the delivery of best in class training and consultancy. Working with leading industry bodies and stakeholders including CIPS, Chambers of Commerce, local enterprise partnerships as well as senior industry leaders to develop new and innovative ways to ensure the future generations of Procurement and Supply Chain professionals are equipped to take on the next challenges.

4. Academics with Foundations in Industry
SR Strategic Sourcing are a culturally diverse team of talented and dedicated qualified experts in the field of Procurement and Supply Chain practice. Their modern and efficient delivery systems for training and development continue to drive innovation in the industry and build on the foundations for long term success. As active fellows of CIPS, they work with the industry on various pilots to safe guard the future of the Profession and are dedicated to Continuous Professional Development for each team member, holding and maintaining academic and teaching qualifications.

Please see our updated Summer/Autumn schedule, all held online to keep your teams safe and still learning.

Please visit the website or call for an informal conversation to understand more.


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A little bit more about our sister organisation SR Strategic Sourcing