Katerina Aliri-Gent – CIPS Level 4 Apprenticeship Study & Revision Case Study

SRSCC recently touched base with our recent apprentice Katerina Aliri-Gent to ask her how she approaches learning when it comes to her apprenticeship and how she prepares for her assignments. Katerina, a learner from Manchester City Council, was recently awarded November Apprentice of The Month by her course tutors. Here’s how Katerina approaches her learning.

How did you tackle beginning to study for the CIPS Level 4 apprenticeship?

When I first started with this Procurement and Supply apprenticeship, the first thing I did is go through the study programme for the first module and check what online training I needed to do; how many assignments, training days etc. I started with dedicating an hour every morning for my studies.

Time management is very important, so, using OneNote, I copied all the assignments questions to have an idea of what I needed to respond to and approximate how long each assignment will take me. I then started watching all the online training videos, and if any parts were related to an assignment, I made revision notes on that particular question.

CIPS Level 4 Apprentice of The Month Katerina Aliri Gent
Katerina Aliri-Gent | CIPS Level 4 Apprentice of The Month

How did you manage the assignments?

Once I completed all the training, I started doing the assignments. I usually did the assignments that needed less time when I didn’t have much time to spare and left all the lengthy ones for days where I wasn’t as busy. To respond to the assignments, I referred to the book or the online training and sometimes went on the internet when I couldn’t find a reference anywhere else. I also contacted colleagues or the tutors for the ones that I still didn’t have enough information for.

What did you do once you had completed the assignments?

Once I completed all the assignments, I started revision. The best way for me to revise is by watching the training videos for each module, then check the self-check questions at the back of each chapter on the book.

Considering a CIPS Level 4 Apprenticeship in Procurement and Supply?

Want to learn more about our CIPS Level 4 Apprenticeship in Procurement and Supply? Click the link to find more information on this apprenticeship like what it entails, the duration of the apprenticeship, what you can expect and plenty more info to help you decide. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us to discuss any of the courses we have on offer.

Learn more about studying a procurement apprenticeship with SRSCC.


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Katerina Aliri-Gent – CIPS Level 4 Apprenticeship Study & Revision Case Study
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