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Jade Rabezzana-Drake MSc MCIPS

Apprenticeship Manager & Course Tutor

Jade Rabezzana-Drake was born in the late 1980’s in Lancashire and started her career in the Private sector. Working within the Scheduling department in the Aerospace industry Jade gained vital skills in supplier management & made frequent supplier visits to France.

After 4 years of working in this industry & one year of level 4 CIPS studies under her belt Jade desired to progress further and embarked on a new adventure working for the largest dental corporate company in Europe known as {my} dentist.

Jade joined {my} dentist as a Buyer looking after a wide range of direct and indirect categories and continued her CIPS level 5 & 6 studies with SR Supply Chain Consultants Ltd which she successfully completed and achieved MCIPS status in 2014.

In early 2014 Jade’s role was also developed where she began looking after more high profile spend categories and started a management position which involved looking after the wider Procurement team.

Jade has experience of working on high level business projects, contingency planning, risk mitigation & supply chain due diligence.

Further to completing the CIPS qualification Jade then went on to do her Master’s Degree in Procurement through the University of South Wales achieving an overall distinction – Jade’s final dissertation subject was ‘Effects of Vertical Integration on Stakeholders’.

Jade thoroughly enjoys developing people & being in a learning environment which soon resulted in Jade joining the SR Supply Chain Consultants Ltd team on a self-employed basis in September 2016 tutoring across all levels & units whilst continuing to grow further in her role at {my} dentist.

As of October 2018, further to 2 years of delivering training with fantastic results, Jade has now joined SR Supply Chain Consultants Ltd on a full time basis taking the position as Apprenticeship Manager & Course Tutor.