COVID-19 Update

Course attendance

All sessions are currently taking place as normal. We are working with our delivery partners and when/if we feel it appropriate for our learners we will switch class delivery to video conference to avoid any disruption to learning. These sessions will be recorded for those that are unable to attend due to illness.

If the change is made we will communicate this via email and Onefile (notifications) and be on hand to take any questions through


CIPS is also monitoring the situation daily, at this stage, CIPS intend to continue to hold the March 2020 exam series (OR and CR exams) and will publish regular updates to Study Centres and Learners.

CIPS appreciates that individual examination centres will also be reviewing and following their own contingency plans in terms of opening for this exam series. Therefore, should any CIPS exam centre decide to close you will be notified.


Exams: CIPS have advised that there will be no refunds for non-attendance of examinations. In the event that you become infected with the virus please notify us immediately so we can assist.

Class sessions: There will be no refunds for non-attendance to class sessions. If you become infected please notify us immediately so we can continue to support your learning.

Prevent and Hygiene

Please watch this NHS video that discusses hygiene and preventing the spread of coronavirus.

Date: 9th March 2020

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