Alison Simpson – Why I Mentor?

What made me mentor?

As a tutor, I get to meet students in a formal training session, but I felt I could add something to their apprenticeship journey by helping them with support and guidance outside of a classroom. I have worked as a procurement professional for over 20 years and felt that perhaps some of this experience would help them share concerns and enable me to provide practical guidance for their studies. 

It has been a fulfilling experience to participate in the journey that people go on and I have taken a great deal of pleasure when I have seen people develop and use terminology that they didn’t know at the start. 

Do you do face to face or remote mentoring?

Mainly remote mentoring, but it is helpful that I meet the students in the classroom situations too, this provides me with a greater insight into what issues an individual is facing and does make it easier to build relationships 

What do you cover in the review?

Everything, from what is going well, to what isn’t. Any issues the student has or concerns – OneFile discussions. We talk about their role, and how they are managing to fit in work, studies and life as well as the results of examinations. Students are encouraged to consider their own work to date and ways in which their own strengths can help them. Sometimes a student may have a particular area that they want to discuss in detail. 

What would you say to people who are interested in doing an Apprenticeship in Procurement with SR Supply Chain Consultants?

We care about our students, we are here to help and support anyone through their CIPS studies and will do as much as we can to help ensure that you pass all your exams and assessments in the best way possible. We go on the learning journey with you and are there to be someone you can rely on either in the classroom or online to have your back. 

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