The end point assessment – what is it and what’s the value?

The End Point Assessment is the process that takes place after an apprentice have completed their learning and is used to assess whether a learner has met all the knowledge, skills and behaviour elements requirements of the apprenticeship standard.  It usually involves two elements, for instance, portfolio of evidence, examinations, project reports, professional discussions, presentations and interviews.

What’s the value?

For learners, the EPA showcases their newly acquired knowledge, skills and behaviours to their organisations.  EPA raises their profile within their business and accelerates promotion and career development opportunities.

For the organisation, EPA’s that relate to a genuine business need to demonstrate a return on their investment in the apprentices’ development.  For instance, EPA often generates a need for a project that otherwise would not be undertaken.  Many apprentices implement their projects within their organisations and often increase efficiencies, reduce risk or reduce cost.


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