Mhairi Richardson – Why I mentor

What made me want to be a mentor?

Having worked in a variety of workplaces covering many elements of Sales, Procurement and Operations I have seen the impact that good training and education can have on the people within those businesses. I am fortunate enough to have had mentors both formal and informal through my career and I really love being able to support people on their education and career journey and to offer guidance if needed. Watching them grow and succeed is reason enough for me.

Why mentor those doing apprenticeships?

I have nothing but admiration for those who chose to study alongside full-time work and if I can use some of my experience to support them then I am happy. I love the variety of the learners, from where they work to where they are in their career journey. For most, they would not have been able to access CIPS had it not been for the Apprenticeship scheme, so they really value the opportunities. Also working with the fabulous team at SR Supply Chain Consultants and knowing how well supported the learners are, gives me great confidence.

Do you do face to face or remote mentoring? 

It really depends on each learner and their needs, some request face to face from the outset where others are happy with a phone or skype call. If a learner is perhaps struggling or the line manager would like to meet face to face then I am always happy to do that. It can be very beneficial to see the learner in their workplace and get a greater understanding of the challenges they face.  But similarly, it is easy to develop a rapport over the phone.

What do you cover in the review?

There are a few core elements that every review covers but the overall review can vary tremendously depending on the learner and the line manager. We start by discussing how the previous few months have gone, with the exams, study and work and any particular challenges that may have happened. This can throw up many issues but also can be a great time to reflect on their growing knowledge and how this is impacting on their day to day life. We look at their progress on the program, making sure that all the required elements are being actioned and the learner feels supported not just in the workplace but by myself and the wider team at SR Supply Chain Consultants.

We will then look at what they and their line managers feel are their strengths. This can be particularly revealing as the learners progress through their studies, often highlighting areas of great achievement or improvement. And then, we look at setting some areas for development so that we can review progress in those areas over the coming months.

We also discuss various elements of H&S, Equality and Diversity and safeguarding and how it impacts the workplace and their roles.

I actively encourage the learner and the line manager if present to give feedback for both the learner and for us at SR Supply Chain Consultants.

What would you say to people who are interested in doing an Apprenticeship in Procurement with SR Supply Chain Consultants?

From what I have seen it is an excellent program that doesn’t just get you a qualification but boosts your confidence and opens up new possibilities for you. It may seem daunting to return to education for some but you will be fully supported all the way through and we will help you achieve the results you want.

Any questions? Get in touch.

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