Dispelling the myths around apprenticeships – Q&A with learner Val Watson



SRSCC sat down with Val Watson, one of our apprenticeship learners, and asked 5 questions about her thoughts and experiences as an apprentice and the benefits to her and her organisation.

What was your perception of Apprenticeships before you embarked on one?

My perception of apprenticeships was that they are for young people starting on the career path as when I was younger they were around then, years ago.

What made you choose the Commercial Procurement and Supply Apprenticeship?

Once the apprenticeship was explained to me I did feel that I would receive more help and support through this route.

In your opinion how has the Apprenticeship benefitted you?

It provided me with additional learning opportunities through extra CPD training days and additional assignments which did help me to prepare for the exams, which I passed with 3 merits, 2 distinctions and a pass at Level 5 Category Management

In your opinion how has the Apprenticeship benefitted your company?

My organisation has benefited from me passing my Level 4 Diploma and encouraging others to undertake this training.

What would you advise anyone who was considering an Apprenticeship?

It does provide an opportunity to undertake studies at any time of your life.

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