Customer Questionnaire

Name: Amy Emmerson
Position: Purchasing Manager
Company: Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust
Date: 15 December 2017

Q1 –How has the CIPS qualification helped in your current role? (Eg. Understand the requirements of the role, know the terminology/techniques used, settle in quickly etc.)

The CIPS qualification allows me to apply models and techniques to situations such as supplier negotiations, risk assessments and stakeholder engagement.

Q2 -How has the CIPS qualification enhanced your career? (eg. Helped you achieve that promotion, given you confidence in meetings/situations, helped you change career direction)

The CIPS qualification adds an extra confidence to me as an individual, but also to people I am dealing with that I am despite. I have many years of Procurement experience but the qualification gives and extra sense of ability.

Q3 -How has the training benefited your organisation? (improved moral, motivation of staff, staff feel valued, retention of staff, more flexibility, increased levels of skills, perhaps more ideas/problem solving?)

The majority of our team are CIPS qualified or are studying at present. This gives us all a willingness to learn and an openness to new ways of thinking. Staff feel that they are growing individually which motivates and increases job satisfaction, which in turn benefits the organisation.

Q4 -Can you describe a case where your CIPS skills and knowledge has contributed to the success of your organisation? (eg. Cost savings, increased efficiencies, improved relationships, innovation etc)

As we have recently merged as an organisation, we have used CIPS based techniques, models and methods to approach our largest suppliers to engage with them in a more collaborative way instead of at a smaller, transactional level.

Q5 -How do you feel about your experience studying with SR Supply Chain Consultants? (eg. Customer service and support, keeping you up to date with the latest procurement updates, CIPS update, ease of booking, exam technique and revision tools and packs, supportive tutors)

My experience of studying with SR Supply Chain was great. I felt supported, motivated and appreciated the flexibility of their approach. They supported different needs and ensured that I qualified in the timeframes I needed to, to support my career goals. Exam booking, registration etc. was straight forward and the teaching was engaging with excellent revision materials and support.

Q6 -Would you recommend SR Supply Chain Consultants to a friend or colleague?

Yes. We continue to do so.


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