Customer Questionnaire

Name: Mark Worrall
Position: Procurement Office
Company: NHS now Higher Education Sector
Date: February 2017

Q1 –How has the CIPS qualification helped in your current role? (Eg. Understand the requirements of the role, know the terminology/techniques used, settle in quickly etc.)

Studying towards the CIPS qualification has enhanced my skill set and contributes to how I carry out all aspects of my previous and current Procurement role. In particular areas of my work which I feel have benefited from the course include negotiation situations, understanding and resolving contract issues, a greater awareness of risk management and sustainable procurement.

Equally I feel I have benefited from the friends I have made on the CIPS course that carry out similar roles to me but in different sectors/industries. The course has allowed me to meet a private sector travel buyer, private sector Head of Procurement and other fellow public sector buyers. It has been very useful to have this group of friends to share tips on best practice and discussing situations we all face in our daily duties and how we go about resolving them. We are all looking forward to the graduation later this year!!

Q2 –How has the training benefited your organisation? (improved moral, motivation of staff, staff feel valued, retention of staff, more flexibility, increased levels of skills, perhaps more ideas/problem solving?)

In my previous Contracts and Purchasing Manager role, I achieved personal savings in excess of £250,000k per annum. Skills developed from my CIPS learning helped me deliver these savings, I believe that studying towards the qualification has offered a genuine return on investment.

Q3 –Can you describe a case where your CIPS skills and knowledge has contributed to the success of your organisation? (eg. Cost savings, increased efficiency, improved relationships, innovation etc)

Knowledge learnt from CIPS has enhanced my personal skill set and contributes to the way in which I carry out my professional duties on a daily basis. One particular example wasn’t long after studying the contracts module where  I had to deal with an issue relating to a temporary recruitment contract. The information I learnt from the module gave me the knowledge and confidence to address the situation. The outcome was that I positively resolved the issue which saved my organisation over £30,000.

Q4 –How do you feel about your experience studying with SR Supply Chain Consultants? (Eg. Customer service and support, keeping you up to date with the latest procurement updates, CIPS update, ease of booking, exam technique and revision tools and packs, supportive tutors)

My experience with SR Supply Chain has been excellent and goes beyond the classroom tutorials. On numerous occasions Sue and Greg would go the extra mile to help with exam preparation. In addition I have had 1:1 career and CPD conversations/guidance with Greg.

Q5 –Would you recommend SR Supply Chain Consultants to a friend or colleague?

I would absolutely recommend SR Supply Chain to study CIPS, I have already arranged for colleagues from a previous role to attend introductory taster sessions held by Sue and Greg and I am confident they would have the same positive experience as I had.

I fully intend to stay in contact with Sue and Greg for general advice/support.


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