There’s always something new to learn

And the best time to start learning is now. Summer’s over, and with schools, colleges and universities back in the swing of things and adult education classes filling up fast, it’s obvious that there’s a great appetite for learning.
We believe it’s the sign of a healthy mind to want to know more, to get on and improve your chances in life. But if an evening class in Pilates or a return to full-time study isn’t for you, you don’t have to miss out. This autumn, it’s easy to sign up to course that you’ll not only enjoy but which could also help in your career.
At SRSCC, we specialise in training for procurement and supply professionals. We have flexible study routes, E-learning and online options. If you’re working towards a CIPS professional qualification, check us out. We’re a CIPS Centre of excellence and course delegates feedback recommends the quality of our tutors and our support. If you’re not ready to undertake the study for the CIPS levels, our one-day courses provide a great way to learn about various aspects of procurement including negotiation skills, and finance for buyers.
Even if you’re not working in procurement, we’ve got courses that will enhance your wider business and management skills. Take a look at the list and if there’s nothing that fits your needs, let us know. We’re also rather good at building and delivering bespoke courses. We can even bring them to you so that you and the team you work with can learn new skills together.
Autumn might not be the time for beaches and barbecues, but, as countless students, teachers and trainers know, it’s a great time for a fresh start. Give your career a boost, call us on 01772 282555

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