How has the CIPS qualification helped in your current role? (Eg. Understand the requirements of the role, know the terminology/techniques used, settle in quickly etc.)

CIPS has helped me gain a deeper knowledge of procurement, sourcing and supply. It has shaped me as an expert in procurement within the organisation. I have a greater understanding of concepts and theories in procurement but also in management and leadership.

How has the CIPS qualification enhanced your career? (Eg. Helped you achieve that promotion, given you confidence in meetings/situations, helped you change career direction)

CIPS has definitely helped me to become Head of Procurement! Whilst studying CIPS I changed career direction and gained a substantial promotion.

How has the training benefited your organisation? (improved moral, motivation of staff, staff feel valued, retention of staff, more flexibility, increased levels of skills, perhaps more ideas/problem solving?)

It definitely improves morale, gives people a sense of personal development and enhances their skill set. Some of my staff are studying CIPS and I have certainly seen an improvement in their skills and understanding as they progress through the modules.

How do you feel about your experience studying with SR Supply Chain Consultants? (Eg. Customer service and support, keeping you up to date with the latest procurement updates, CIPS update, ease of booking, exam technique and revision tools and packs, supportive tutors)

I’ve found SR Supply Chain Consultants to truly live up to their centre of excellence status. The tutors are knowledgeable as well as a valuable source of support and advice. They are real experts. Everything is of a high quality, including all the training materials, slide decks, exam preparation and the support they give. I can’t praise SR enough!

Would you recommend SR Supply Chain Consultants to a friend or colleague?

Definitely, in fact I would look for any of my staff who need Procurement training to use them.

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